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Motorised Carts:

Players are required to keep motorised carts a minimum of 10m from all greens, bunkers, tees and hazards.

Repairing Divots:

  • Replace the area of turf which has been removed.
  • Cover the replaced divot with sand.
  • Smooth out the repaired area with your foot or the club-head.

Repairing Pitch Marks:

  • Always start at the back of the mark, insert the divot repair tool at and angle of 45° and push forward towards the centre. Do not lift the soil upwards.
  • Repeat around all sides of the pitch mark.
  • Tap down lightly with the putter, smoothing out the surface.
  • Repair any other pitch marks you may find.

Take Care on the Greens:

Players and caddies should ensure they cause no damage to the green when putting down bags or the flagstick. They should not stand too close to the hole when handling the flagstick or removing the ball. Replace the flagstick on leaving the green.

  • Don't drop the flagstick on the putting surface as it can cause damage.
  • Avoid damage to surrounds by replacing the stick carefully in the cup.
  • Do not take buggies across the greens.

In the Sand:

When leaving the bunker, carefully fill up and smooth any irregularities that you have made (divots, footprints etc) then place the rake gently back in the bunker.

  • Always enter the bunker at the lowest point.
  • Rake towards you, at an angle of 45° as you leave the bunker.
  • Smooth out any other irregularities that others may have left.

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